wordpress bug fixing

Finding bugs can be tricky and exhausting but the efforts put in are always well paid off by delivering a better quality product in the market.

There are a lot of strategies involved in finding bugs on any website:

Performance Testing – To check if the application is able to cope up with excessive load. Page loading speed should be good.

Security Testing – You can make use of tools like wp-scan, to test how vulnerable is your WordPress website! Security testing is vital to prevent your website from being hackers.

Cross Browser Testing – A website may look and feel differently on a different browser. Cross browser testing is a practice where you check your website through a list of different major browsers to test that all web elements like AJAX, java applets, etc are rendered properly by different rendering engines belonging to different browsers and browser versions. It can be difficult to manage a library with different browsers but cross browser testing tools make it all too easy.

Accessibility Testing – Make sure your website is accessible to all kind of crowd. Especially, people with disabilities. A set of guidelines is issued by W3C which must be followed for every website before launching it on the internet web. If you haven’t gone through them yet then make sure you check them out now!

Mobile Ready Test – Without a doubt we are moving towards an era where mobile dominance is imminent. To make sure your website survive in this mobile-first world, it is essential to create a website that is mobile ready. Check how responsive is your website in terms of mobile devices.

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